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TREE FARM | Bliss Manor Farm


Historically Bliss Manor Farm had been a Christmas tree farm, but had not been operational for several years. We are bringing it back to a working tree farm!

The farm features Douglas Fir, Noble Fir and Grand Fir trees. In our first spring here, we planted about 1200 new trees. In early 2019 we have planted 1200 more trees in the ground and 1200 trees in root pouches.
All the new trees are approximately 12” tall. The trees that are planted in the root pouches are meant to be sold in the pouch (bag) so that someone can have a live tree that can be decorated in their house and then taken outside again when the holidays are over and continue to let it grow. After about 3 years, the tree will need to be replanted in the ground or into a large pot.

Douglas, Noble, and Grand Fir trees.
Full-sized Firs ready to be taken home!
Swinging benches in sunlight.
Relax and enjoy the farm while you are here.
Live trees in root pouches.
Pick up a root pouch for a reusable tree!