We love the sound of water as much as the bleating goats!

Noise on the farm is so different than noise in the city. For 20 years we lived on a busy intersection of 2 main highways in Malibu that were favored by motorcycle riders from all over the world and which led directly to Zuma Beach. We heard numerous traffic accidents on our corner and lots of honking horns. This morning as I walked around the farm feeding the animals, I was filled with joy listening to vastly different tunes than I am used to. I hear the seals in the Puget Sound, the Pacific tree frog (Pseudacris regilla), the bleating of my goats, the clucking of the chickens and I think my favorite of all, the quacking of my ducks! The animals are always excited to see me. I’m sure it’s me they love most and not the food I bring them. On Sundays, the occasional loud bangs of the recreational shooter still give
me a bit of scare, but it’s still better than motorcycle noise. My 4 dogs are also not used to all of these new noises and they let me know that on a regular basis by barking (especially at night) that they hear strange things! Some of the sounds are seasonal, like the tree frogs, which lets me look forward to when they arrive!